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SeNostic GmbH is a start-up company that was founded in 2022 after more than a decade of fundamental research and development in the field of molecular diagnostics for neurodegenerative diseases. Over this course, the SeNostic GmbH was sponsored by several national and private entities. Following up on a succesfull proof-of-concept and on the foundation of several granted patents, a business model in collaboration with Ernst&Young was established. The company is currently moving to the next stage to aim for market entry. For this, a modern facility with 600 m2 space comprising state-of-the art laboratories and offices was set up in the Hannover Medical Park in Germany.

SeNostic GmbH has developed a medical device, the SeedCycler®, its corresponding consumables (AmpliStripe®), biochemical assays and data analytics to target biomarkers in different body fluids, e.g. CSF and blood, in order to identify disease stages of various neurodegenerations. The current portfolio comprises biomarkers for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Lewybody disease, like αsynuclein, amyloid-β, TDP-43, and more.

The SeedCycler® technology can be used as a key tool for pre-clinical drug screening and discovery, classification of patients for clinical studies and for early-stage diagnostics in patients.

Besides patient-oriented diagnostics and screening, the company offers biotechnologically produced recombinant proteins of several biomarkers at high quality and competitive prices as standard reagents for diagnostic applications or R&D.