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We offer:

» Services for drug research

Protein aggregation assay with quantitative analysis of protein seeding activity and dynamics, as function of shear force, compound and protein seed concentration. Potential applications for identification of active protein seeding inhibitors, relevant patient cohorts based on aggregate strains/sub-types.

» Smart Trials: In-vitro Dx for clinical trials

Patient’s CSF analysis to confirm diagnosis at trial start, identify patient cohorts based on aggregate types and patient sub-types, which are considered in inclusion/exclusion criteria, monitor disease progression, monitor evolution of co-pathologies.

» Recombinant Proteins

For several of the biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases like α-synuclein, human tau, amyloid-β we offer recombinant produced monomers. Please ask us for a quotation depending on your needs on amount and purity.